I could tell immediately she was that kind of car! I could hear the unmistakable thunder of her big block engine before she was even in sight. I could feel the rumble from her exhaust as she drove slowly by me. She looked as good as she sounded, and in every way shape and form she aimed to please. She was the kind of car that heightened all your senses. She could make grown men drool, and women jealous with rage because they couldn’t hold their man’s attention while she was around. No two ways about it, she was a bullet! And a beautiful bullet at that! You could tell she was fast without having to ask. As the engine turned off you could still smell the lingering aroma of the racing fuel hanging in the air. It stuck to your clothes like cheap perfume from the hot chick who just brushed up against you out in public. Leaving that smell on you that made your significant other look at you like you were just caught walking out of a gentlemen’s club. She drew people to her in droves, like a giant beautiful blue magnet. She turned more heads than the hot bikini girl at a charity car wash. It was obvious to me that I had to get the story behind this awesome piece of automotive beauty. I mean come on!!! She was after all... that kind of car!

But what makes this Bullet with Butterfly Wings…. that kind of car!

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